1. EARLY MODERN PLAYS (L. Cottegnies)

***Les pièces en bleu sont déjà prises ou déjà traitées.

Anon. , Thomas Morus (1612) (N. Thibault)

Anon., Thomas, Lord Cromwell (1599) (N. Thibault)

Carlell, Lodowick, Osmond The Great Turk (1657) (V.Y)

Chapman, George, The Conspiracy and Tragedy of Charles, Duke of Byron, Marshall of France 2 parts (1608), The Revenge of Bussy D’Ambois (1613). (G. Bertheau)

—, with James Shirley, The Tragedy of Chabot, Admiral of France (1622?).  (VY)

Daniel, Samuel, Philotas (1605).      (LC)

Dekker, Thomas and John Webster, Sir Thomas Wyatt (1602). (N. Thibault)

Ford, John, The Chronicle History of Perkin Warbeck (1634).  (LC et John Gillies)    

Heywood, Thomas, Edward IV, Parts I and II (1599)  (LF)

—, If You Know Not Me, You Know Nobody, 2 parts (1605-1606). (LC)

Marlowe, Christopher, The Massacre at Paris (1593). (LC)

—, Edward II. (LC)

Massinger, Philip, Believe As You List (1631). (VY)

Massinger, Philip et John Fletcher, The Tragedy of Sir John van Olden Barnevelt (1619). (VY)

Middleton, Thomas, A Game at Chess (1624). (Chantal Schûtz)

Munday, Anthony, et al., Sir Thomas More (1590)  (LC)

Peele, George, The Battle of Alcazar ((1594) (VY)

Rowley, Samuel, When You See Me You Know Me (1605). (LF)

Shakespeare, WIlliam and John Fletcher, Henry VIII (1613?.)  (LF)

Shakespeare, William Richard II, 1 Henry IV, 2 Henry IV, Henry V , 1 Henry VI , 2 Henry VI 3 Henry VI, Richard III (1592-1599). (LC, John Delsinne, C. Cox)


Anonyme, Tragédie du sac de Cabrières (1566)

Anonyme, La Magicienne étrangère (1617)

Anonyme, La Victoire du Phébus François (1617)

P.D.B., La Tragédie des Rebelles (1622)

Billard, Claude, Guaston de Foix (1610)

Billard, Claude, Tragédie sur la mort du roi Henry le Grand (1612)

Borée, Vincent, Béral victorieux (1627)

Boyer Claude, Le Comte d’Essex (1678)

Chantelouve,François de, La tragédie de feu Gaspard de Colligni (1575)

Corneille, Thomas, Le Comte d’Essex (1678)

Coppée, Denis, La Bataille d’entre les Impériaux et les Bohèmes (1624)

La Calprenède, Jeanne reine d’Angleterre (1638)

La Calprenède, Édouard (1640).

La Calprenède, Le Comte d’Essex (1639)

P. M., La Rocheloise (1629)

Mareschal, André, Le Jugement équitable de Charles le Hardy, dernier duc de Bourgogne (1645)

Matthieu, Pierre, La Guisiade (1589)

Montchrestien, Antoine de, L’Écossaise ou le Désastre (1601) (Frédéric)

Nérée, Jean de, Le triomphe de la Ligue (1607)

Puget de La Serre, Thomas Morus (1642)

Regnault, Charles, Marie Stuart reine d’Écosse (1639) (Frédéric)


3.1. War plays

BERKOFF, Steven. SInk the Belgrano, 1986.

BOND, Edward. The War Plays: Red, Black and Ignorant, The Tin Can People and Great Peace, 1985 (Elisabeth); 

Coffee, 1995; At the Inland Sea, 1997…

BRENTON, Howard. The Romans in Britain, 1980 (revived Sheffield Theatres, 2006).

CHURCHILL, Caryl. Far Away, 2000. 

 –, 7 Jewish Children, 2009.

GILL, Nick. Sand, 2013. 

KANE, Sarah. Blasted, 1995 (Solange). 

HARE, David. Via Dolorosa, 1998.

HOLMES, Johnathan. Fallujah, 2008.

PINTER, Harold. Ashes to Ashes, 1993 (Elisabeth). 

SOANS, Robin. The Arab Israeli Cookbook, 2006.

-War in Iraq:

BURKE, Gregory. Black Watch, 2010 (Virginie).

CRIMP, Martin. Cruel and Tender, 2004. 

–, Advice to Iraqi Women, 2006.

HARE, David. Stuff Happens, 2004.

–,The Vertical Hour, 2006. In Acts of War: Iraq and Afghanistan in Seven Plays, 2011.

KELLY, Dennis. Osama the Hero, 2005.

NORTON-TAYLOR, Richard. Justifying War: Scenes from the Hutton Inquiry, 2003.

– , Called to Account: The Indictment of Anthony Charles Lynton Blair for the Crime of Aggression Against Iraq. A Hearing, 2007.

–, and WOODHEAD, Matt. Chilcot, 2016.

STEPHENS, Simon. Motortown, 2005. 

WILLIAMS, Roy. Days of Significance, 2009. 

3.2. Terror plays

GREIG, David. The Events, 2013.

PINTER, Harold. One For the Road, 1984.

SOANS, Robin. Talking to Terrorists, 2005.

STEPHENS, Simon. Pornography, 2008. 

3.3. State violence plays

CHURCHILL, Caryl. Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?, 2006.

–, Mad Forest, a Play From Romania, 1990.

EDGAR, David. Pentecost, 1994.

GILL, Nick. Fiji Land, 2013?

HARE, David. The Power of Yes: A Dramatist Seeks to Understand the Financial Crisis, 2010.

KELLY, Dennis, The Gods Weep, 2010 (Elisabeth).

KIRKWOOD, Lucy. Chimerica, 2013.

STEPHENS, Simon. Rage, 2018. 

THORPE, Chris. There Has Possibly Been an Incident, 2013.

3.4. Environmental plays / Anticipated violence

CHURCHILL, Caryl. Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen, 1993.

–, Escaped Alone, 2016. 

CROUCH, Tim. Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation, 2019.

3.5. Empire plays

ADETUNJI, Lydia. Fixer, 2009.

BRENTON, Howard. Never so Good, 1971 (revived 2008, Lyttelton).

CHURCHILL, Caryl. Cloud Nine, 1976.

EDGAR, David. Destiny, 1976.

GILL, Nick. Mirror Teeth, 2011.

HARE, David. Plenty, 1978.

HICKSON, Ella. Oil, 2016.

OSBORNE, John. West of Suez, 1971.

THOMPSON, Salina, salt., 2016. 

TUCKER GREEN, Debbie. Stoning Mary. 

3.6. Immigration plays

ADSHEAD, Kay. The Bogus Woman, 2001. (Virginie)

BAYLEY, Claire. The Container, 2007. (Virginie)

BEAN, Richard. England People Very Nice, 2009.

Ice & Fire Company. Asylum Dialogues, Asylum Monologues, 2010. 

KENNEDY, Fin. Unstated: Stories of Refuge, 2008.

LINDEN, Sonja. Crocodile Seeking Refuge, 2005.

LANDON-SMITH, Khristine and Sita BRAHMACHARI. The Arrival, 2013.

ROBERTSON, Joe and Joe Murphy. The Jungle, 2017.

3.7. Europe and Brexit

BARKER, Howard. The Europeans, 1990.

BENNETT, Alan. Single Spies (A Question of Attribution + An Englishman Abroad), 1988.

Brexit Shorts: Drama from a Divided Nation, 2017.

DUFFY, Carol Ann. My Country: a Work in Progress, 2017.

GREIG, David. Europe, 1995.

3.8. Domestic Politics

BRENTON, Howard. Measure for Measure, 1972; Pravda, 1985; The Thirteenth Night, 1981.

GREIG, David. Dunsinane, 2010.

HARE, David. The Absence of War, 1993.


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